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More GMG for HWS

Dutch Rental Company HWS Verhuur has taken delivery of 50 more GMG scissor lifts.


Commercial Director / Owner Allaarrd Maij of HWS Verhuur commented: “The GMG machines we have in our rental fleet have proven to be very good machines. Our customers love the smoothness of the controls, the fact that the machines are very quiet, and last a long time on a battery charge. Platform capacity is also a huge feature and GMG has done a great job producing machines that provide our customers with much more platform capacity. The I-Power Direct Electric Drive is fantastic, it is unbelievable how smooth and quiet the machines drive and operate. We were cautious when we purchased our first GMG machines. GMG is a new company and we wanted to make sure the machines were all that GMG claimed they were. The machines have proven to be the best value for our money and our customers often tell us to send them the GMG machines. We have placed many orders with GMG and have now have stepped up our investment in GMG and their products.”

Jim Tolle of GMG said, “HWS is a very good customer and one that recognizes how powerful new ideas and innovations is. They also see the importance of a product that can help differentiate themselves from their competitors, and ultimately, provide their customers with the best possible solutions available.

It’s nice when our customers place repeat orders and make significant investments in our machines, it simply confirms our vision, and direction, that there is innovation left to do in the Slab Scissor business. Our I-Power (Intelligent Power) system is absolutely leading the industry in the next level of innovation. Better duty cycle, more power, smoother controls, and battery management are just a few areas where the I-Power system will change the way our customer rent and service machines. With I-Power, GMG now provides 2 year warranty on batteries, most all competitors provide only 90 days, this is huge and another industry first for GMG. Our Mast Boom and Rough Terrain 4wd machines share the same philosophy in regards to innovation and are doing very well with great customer acceptance.”