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GMG Goes To Scandinavia With Perfect Lift

Norway based Equipment company Perfect Lift based in Oslo Norway has taken on GMG’s Slab Scissor line.

Managing Director of Perfect Lift, Kristian Langseth commented: “We were impressed with the GMG Electric Scissor lifts, they are very well made using heavy duty material and US parts, this is very important. The Norwegian market is tough on equipment and our customers understand that reliable machines are a must, they rely on Perfect Lift to supply them with the best machines that will last and perform well even in cold applications.

What impressed us most was not only are they very quiet and smooth to operate, but they are fast as well. Direct Electric drive is the way of the future, with GMG’s variable high speed drive we can get up to 2 days of operation on a single charge, this has been unheard of before and something our customers will certainly appreciate.  The fact that GMG has a full line of scissors from 3m to 14m makes them a total solution for our electric scissor needs.”

Michael Tolle of GMG commented: “Scandinavia has been a target market for GMG, the customers there are very conscious of energy use, energy consumption and emissions both noise and chemical. The features we have in our Direct Electric drive and Operating system are unique in the industry and a perfect fit for the Scandinavian market place.”

Tolle further ads: “The people at Perfect Lift fit very well with our strategy, they know the access industry well, know how to treat customers and know what is needed in extreme climates. Mr. Langseth made it very clear of what is required of a scissor lift in Norway, he clearly has the customer in mind and has thoroughly tested our machines to ensure this is the best option for Perfect Lift. We are very happy that Perfect Lift has chosen to go with the GMG team.”